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Frequently asked questions( FAQ)

1. General questions
To enjoy our services, you need to register on our website. We will send you an email containing your username and password.You can always change your password when you login to the site.
You can't see the cars in the auction or bid without first registering on the websites.After registration, you can start searching for any car of your choice.
Yes, you can only search for cars after registration but you cannot bid for cars.You need to make a deposit before you can bid live for cars.
2. Registration
On the homepage of our website,you will see a link to the registration form on the navigation menu. Enter your name, email and phone number.After registration, an email will be sent to you containing your username and password.You can always change your password when you login to the site.
You don't need any form of identification to register on the site.We may need you to submit a form of identification before you start bidding at the auctions
3. Bid for me
"Bid for me" is one of our flagship service. This service is targetd at auto dealers, brokers and individual that want to participate in the live autions and bids on vehicle lots using our licenses. Deposit and commitment fees required. All vehicles as sold as it is during the live aution session.
We charge a one time brokage fee of $300 or the naira equivalent for our services on cars that costs less than $6000. We charge 5% for cars that cost $6000 and above.
Yeah, your deposit is refundable but we will keep the equivalent of $50 for administrative charges.
4. Order To Specification(OTS)

Order To Specification(OTS) is a simpler process of owing a car if you don't want the hassles of the bidding process.This is applicable to end users who have varied and specific needs and want some level of guarantee on vehicles. This may not necessarily be from live auction but from other sources too like dealerships and Buy it now options.

You can either visit our website and fill our order to specification form.


visit our corporate office in Lagos Nigeria, which is located at suite 212, Ikeja Plaza, 81 Mobolaji Bank Anthony way Ikeja Lagos.


Put a call to us on 08021-811-811.

NOTE: This service attracts a refundable committment fee of $500 or its equivalent in naira to begin processing.

No, this service also requires our client to make a deposit of $300 or pay the naira equivalent to our account so we know the client is serious.If the client buys the vehicle, the $300 will be available to purchase the vehicle but if the client changes his/her mind,we will refund the deposit back but keep $60 as our administrative charges.
Yeah, our quote will include prices for the car,shipping and custom clearance.You may just be lucky to get a small price reduction.
5. Fees and Deposit

We accept both dollar and naira payments.You can transfer money in dollars to our dollar account below:
1. Account Name: Import your car Nigeria Ltd
Account No: 0097014903
Bank: Diamond Bank

Also you can send the naira equivalent based on the dollar rates for the day to the following naira account:

1. Account Name: Import your car Nigeria Ltd
Account No: 009689231.
Bank: Diamond Bank

2. Account Name: Import your car Nigeria Ltd Account No: 1771824137.
Bank: Skye Bank

We will send you an email alert when we receive the confirmation of your transfer.

We will also update your finances section of the website

Remember to enter your name(the name you used to register with us) on the reference or remarks section of the transfer.

The deposit is to ascertain you are serious about buying the car if you win the bid because our license will be affected when you win a bid but don't pay for it.
6. Shipping
We have a list of some close estimates for shipping from certain places in the US and Canada.Check if the location you are shipping from is on the list.You can use the "contact-form" on the "contact us page" to send us an inquiry.
We will notify you by email and update the status of the vehicle on your profile.
We offer both "RORO and Container "Shipping".Let us know the one you prefer.
We offer both "RORO and Container "Shipping".Let us know the one you prefer.
This is when the vehicle will be loaded inside a 20 feet or 40 feet container, and the container will be sealed.This is a better option for salvage cars or cars that can't move. How is safe is my Vehicle during transportation to the Port?